Elementor #390

Shipping to Amazon FBA made easy with Fulfillin

We are providing tools that will make shipment creation workflow much more convenient and enjoyable

Box Content

A quick and efficient way of tracking box content information and submitting it to Amazon as required.

Overview of Shipments

The shipment list interface allows our users to easily review their full shipment history, helping sellers plan out their next upcoming shipments.

User Friendly Interface

Our user friendly interface allows new users to quickly adapt to the new system dashboard, shipments and other sections that Fulfillin provides.

Manage your shipments
like never before

Smart way of managing your shipments using collected statistics from previously completed shipments

Live statistics

Follow up with live statistics on your dashboard to see your latest and previous shipments, shipment progress and much more.

Performance tracking

Keep track of shipment fulfillment and be sure to never skip or miss something out regarding your shipments in progress.

Planning & Scheduling

Store your shipments and schedule them beforehand. Keep shipping plans on Fulfillin so you are always aware of which shipment is the next to fulfill.

Many features to select from​

Fulfillin provides multiple features which makes work a lot faster and a lot more sufficient, allowing users to focus on other important things by granting extra valuable time once shipments have been fulfilled using Fulfillin.

Multiple options for label printing for products within the Amazon shipment. No need for Amazon interface. Single label and multiple label printing available.

With Fulfillin it is easy to manage shipment products by by scanning the items before adding them to your shipment boxes. Great overview over what products are already handled and what items are still needed to be added to the shipment.

Our customer support will help you with all your questions and concerns regarding the usage of Fulfillin. We are here for you 24 hours 7 days a week.

We are offering quick and simple way to provide box information by scanning products and adding them to a specific box. Box measurements can be set for every box separately. Information can be downloaded and uploaded to Amazon for quick box content handling.

Marketplaces and eCommerce

Other Integrations

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Basic Plan
  • Up to 2000 Products / Month
  • Amazon FBA Integration
  • Linnworks Integration
  • Professional Tools
  • Professional Dashboard
  • Professional Reports
  • Shipment Creation
  • Product Scanning by Item / Item Pack
  • Creating of Shipping Labels
  • Stock Update for Shipped Items
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Unlimited Selling Platforms
  • Customer Support by Email
Pro Plan
Limited time offer - FREE
  • Everything Included in Basic
  • More than 2000 Products / Month
  • API Access
  • Customer Support by Email or Chat
Ultimate Plan
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  • Everything Included in Pro
  • Unlimited Products & Shipments

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